Blocknance AML/KYC

Blocknance AML

Blocknance Financial International is fully committed to conducting due diligence on our clients and ensuring that all applicable laws and regulations necessary to forestall and prevent money laundering. To use the website and the app blocknance will ask its Clients to provide the following documents :  

1.Government-issued photo ID;

2.Proof of residential

3.Any other applicable documentation.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to conduct enhanced due diligence on all clients given worldwide approved risk-based policies. Please note that Blocknance reserves the right to refuse a transaction or deny operation on an account at any time should suspicion arise that it may be connected to money laundering, criminal activity or any other predicate offense to money laundering. Blocknance will not enter into any business arrangement with anyone or group suspected of or directly involved in money laundering, or where funds have been sources or ends of an illegal activity.

In the event that Blocknance receives, during its request for documentation, deceptive documentation, contact details or other false information, Blocknance will terminate the offending account. Blocknance is legally bound to report such misdemeanors to the relevant authorities, and as such the subject, business and its owners may be the subject to a criminal investigation.

Providing false, doctored, or deceptive documents is considered as fraud and will be treated as such. Tax Evasion and Fraud is a predicate offense to money laundering, and therefore, all assets derived from fraudulent transactions or suspicious activity may be seized and forfeited.