What is a Digital Wallet?

A Digital Wallet isn’t only a way to pay with a device, it could include taking the functions of your actual wallet with all of its contents and behaviours and integrating it into a digital device. This digital device could be something like your mobile phone or computer, with apps and in-built functionalities to help you with your everyday transactions. It lets you make electronic payments with your credit card or digital cash and hides the actual credit card information that is used to make the payment. By authenticating your transaction with encryption, the payment process is secure.

What is Blocknance Wallet?

Blocknance Wallet is a feature exclusively for customers who have registered and established an Account profile. it allows you to store money in your account , and eliminate the need to enter in account information when making a purchase. Once you have registered and deposit funds, you can make a purchase faster and with less typing.
Why use it?
It saves you time . Once you deposit fund in your wallet you can easily use the fund to buy anthing you want.
Send & Receive Funds
it lets you send and receive fund from other users . you can send fund to others users with a Blocknance account .

Top-up your wallet with bitcoin,bitcoincash and ethereum and store money in your account. You can use the it for purchasing products from the store. Therefore You can add money to your wallet using various payment methods available in your dashboard. Finally you can withdraw fund from your account.

Deposit/withdraw fees : https://blockchain.com.do/fees/

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